Finding Peace – With A Digital Detox

I took a 60 day digital detox, found peace and this is what I learned! Life is governed by your terms, not the terms of who you follow or what you see posted. To start with the basics I grew up caring about each and every single person’s opinion. Whether I was being praised, gossiped about or ignored – I cared. This set me up for failure as I unintentionally grew a social media platform and later found myself constantly…

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Dyandra Raye Floral Pattern Clashing

Blossom into More – Positive Practices

Someone wise once said “you are built not to shrink, but to blossom into more.” Blooming into your thirties is no easy feat. With less than two years, there are so many tips that I would love to tell…

Transitional Wear – Embracing Change

Not only is life consistently changing, so is the weather. When Spring breaks, but the cold air is still a factor, it’s time to appreciate the transition. From your outfit to your mindset, take on change stylishly while embracing…

Brooklyn Bridge Fashion Photohoot

Sunshine on a Cloud Day – Healthy Living Tips

As I continue building and expanding my site I’ve decided to take on the challenge of being more open about those “dark days” that we all have. Running what some may call a social media brand (it has become…