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Change Fashion – Make Conscious Choices

I didn’t always think before I bought, in fact reading the label wasn’t even a factor. I just purchased what I thought looked good, later realizing that some styles are at the expense of the environment and in fact,…

Vegan Fur Jacket Pinko

Vegan Fashion – Sustainable Style

I recently celebrated my one year vegan-versary and not only has my diet become cruelty free, my wardrobe has undergone a major shift as well. Always an animal lover but a slave to style, I own furs and loads…

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2018

Pack for Paris Fashion Week – Travel Guide

These days manifestation has been proving itself worthy and patience has prevailed. I had the pleasure, ultimate pleasure, of attending Paris Fashion week for the very first time during the S/S 19 season! I remember when I would say…