My name is Dyandra Raye, a Style Consultant specializing in Wardrobe Styling, Creative Direction & Blogging. I share all things fashion, lifestyle & travel from my desktop to yours. Growing up with a serious style influence I noticed how deeply rooted these passions were to me. I started as my Mom’s guinea pig for her designs while hopping on flights to see the world with my Dad. Fashion and travel then became a way to open my eyes and inspire my lifestyle.

After graduating from Spelman College, I turned my passions into a career and jumped head first into the fashion/retail industry. Wardrobe Styling was always the basis of my endeavors, starting with virtual clients and then graduating to coveted artists, magazine spreads and private clientele! Creative Direction went hand in hand, turning visions into reality from an artistic point of view. Along the way I learned the ins and outs of retail through my work with companies like Neiman Marcus, Robert Graham, and Forever 21.

Not too long after, I decided to merge my work experience with education and obtain a Masters in Global Fashion Enterprise. As much as fashion remained an integral part of my life, travel has always been my way to learn more about different cultures and their way of life. I’ve made it a point to visit some of my dream destinations such as Brazil and Thailand! While traveling I regularly document and reinterpret the fashion, architecture, culture as a source of unique inspiration.

Through my work in fashion and my travels I began to shift my lifestyle and share what I learned. A new vegan who transformed her natural hair while searching for conscious clothing, I decided to start documenting my journey through writing. Creating writing served as the door opener to this website and blog which focuses on living your best life through style.

I’ve put all my knowledge together to share with you what I know about fashion, lifestyle, and travel! On this site you will find everything from how to re-create my latest outfit to full details on a recent trip to a beginners guide to shopping sustainably.

Since the website launch, some amazing outlets have featured my style such as the coveted and iconic

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with online brands such as  the charitable DIFF Eyewear and natural hair movement Deva Curl

Click here for my portfolio & services focused on photo shoots and video projects!

Live Life in Style