“My name is Dyandra Raye, a Sustainable Stylist & Creative Director based in the New York City area! Welcome to my site where I display my latest projects and share all things fashion, lifestyle and travel.

My journey started after graduating from Spelman College with a degree in Economics, then switching careers completely to jump into the industry as a Wardrobe Stylist on set. I began assisting celebrity stylists, managing the wardrobe for projects like John Legend’s Wake Up Everybody Remake, Fox’s Gotham and Jada Pinkett for Magic Mike XXL. Two years later I had the opportunity to spear head as the Lead Stylist for my own rolodex of clients including American Authors, Philip George, Natalie Imani and more!

After learning the ins and outs of producing quality content for print and video projects, I decided to further specialize my talents, starting my Master in Global Fashion Enterprise program. This is when Blogging and Content Creation took shape, using my new found free time plus work in the industry to turn ideas into art for my business and other brands. Consistency and quality helped me grow as a Fashion Influencer, ending up in some amazing fashion features and landing work with international brands to create content for their digital footprint. Humbled, be sure to check out the list of collaborations and press below.

Present day, I continue creating styled content from my perspective for my personal brand and others who I whole heartedly believe in. A blossoming Vegan and Sustainable Lifestyle advocate, I always incorporate my life and style into my work in an effort to remain authentic and innovative. My motto is to always “Live Life in Style – Consciously” using your interests to fuel whatever sets your soul on fire. My fuel just so happens to be fashion, lifestyle and travel!