Back to The Basics – The Beauty of Bermuda

Bermuda Colorful Homes

I traveled to Bermuda for a long weekend wedding and to my surprise I was taken back to the basics! A smart phone toting, computer typing, TV watching American had me set up for instant failure as soon as I set foot on the island. I behaved like a typical New Yorker, on my phone with my air pods, that ultimately got lost, and unengaged with the people around me. So much so that it took a cab driver two times to get me to respond with a hello. In that moment I decided to get back to the basics and enjoy the beauty of Bermuda, a quaint country that appreciates culture, community and relaxation!

Tanya Taylor Floral Maxi Dress

First let’s start with the fashion! Note – This layout will be less of a typical travel guide and more of a conversation about my overall experience. My favorite piece of the trip was a Tanya Taylor maxi dress from Rent The Runway. I’ve taken my closet back to the basics, renting out pieces that I rarely wear through Wardrobe and condensing by purging and renting. This two-tone print maxi stole the show with its effortless silhouette and tropical colors. Wow the crowd and shop this plus other looks through Like To Know It here!

Bermuda is a rich country that has a history worth sharing. In an effort not to spoil it, I’ve listed out how I was able to find out more and jot down ways that you can experience the culture!

1 – A private tour or the island is worth the price and can be done easily by taking a cab from one end to the next! Bermuda is less than a few hours long by car and a taxi will run you $70-$100 to sit back, relax and take in the essence. Through this tour I learned so much, some of what I did and other experiences for next time.

2- A nice area that houses the chill & wealthy is the historic Smiths Parish, where Oprah has been spotted. If you’re a stan then you’ll appreciate the opportunity to be in a place that is Oprah approved – meaning cool, calm and collected. You’ll notice that all the homes have white roofs to circulate solar energy (no this can’t be don’t in America, trust me I asked) and bright colors that represent a positive outlook on life.

3- Plan your trip around one of many festivals, including the Jazz Festival & Fashion Festival, two cultural experiences that I hope to attend. Enjoy live music by Grammy award winners if you’re into soulful tunes. This event has not been announced for 2019, but look out for dates. The 10th Annual Fashion Festival,with participants in the past including Diandra Forrest and Shiona Turini, is coming up this July. Find out more info for all the festival here!

Porter Magazine Beach Reading

I really took time to sit on the beach, shut off my phone and read. Not to say that I didn’t slip a little and spend too much time on my phone, but after loosing an important electronic accessory I was forced to get back to the basics.

As stated, Bermuda is a chill place, where American’s from the east coast seem to flock to because of its less than 2 hour plane ride from NYC. I took this mindset in and started with new reading material that I religiously pick up from Hudson News before any trip. Porter Magazine, which merges fashion with culture, was a perfect fit. Recently I began to take advantage of reading magazines on my News App, but getting back to the basics includes feeling the pages and art as your fingers turn them.

Being outside is a staple to their everyday, and ironically is something that we don’t do enough of. Being outside doesn’t mean simply walking through it, it means sitting in it and being still. I accomplished this twice, once at the beach of the Fairmont Southampton, a classic Bermudian hotel. Their private beach boasts clear waters, which can be pictured below, and top notch service. You can also sail to their sister hotel, Fairmount Hamilton Princess with a Harbourview and swanky amenities.The second time was after my run which ended up at Church Bay Park, a free national park that is perfect for the beauty of basic living. I simply sat here for 30 minutes and reflected.

Bermuda Beach Fairmount Southampton

Naturally carrying a camera and laptop on every trip, ready for the perfect blog post, I was planning for Bermuda to be the same thing. Even in my short 4 day trip I was in creator mode. A few months prior my Nikon DSLR 3500, a great starter camera, broke and I actually rented one for the trip that ended up not working. This left me to my basic vices, a smart phone. Embracing this journey I used my phone to take all of the photos pictured, most in Portrait mode, a favorite way to get DSLR style photos. I edited them all on my go to apps including Snapseed which is great for selective editing, Lightroom that houses the best presets and Face Tune in the event that anything needs to be patched. Without staging any long photo shoots, I was confident enough to use these photos on my blog, a space that was once only reserved for professional imagery.

Getting back to the basics is a sure-fire way to improve your overall mood and life’s experiences. Overhauled with technology and living in a go go go world, Bermuda was my wake up call that there is beauty in stillness, peace and quiet. As I continue sharing how to live life in style consciously, I hope that not just your fashion, but your lifestyle gets an update. Thanks for reading and make sure to try these tips while in Bermuda and anywhere else in the world!

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