Blossom into More – Positive Practices

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Someone wise once said “you are built not to shrink, but to blossom into more.” Blooming into your thirties is no easy feat. With less than two years, there are so many tips that I would love to tell my thirty year old self. Sharing from experience, I am explaining how to blossom into more by expanding. Yes you fantastic person, I am talking to you!

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First let’s start with the fashion, if you are loving this pattern clashing floral look you can shop a similar outfit using Like To Know It! You are only look as good as you feel, so this is the primary tip to living life in style – consciously. Now onto the lifestyle tips; we are all meant to grow and we will, whether we grow kicking and screaming or peacefully. For a while I was growing and having a tantrum simultaneously. Years later I realized that the anxiety that comes from that behavior, coupled with sheer confusion – is just plain unhealthy. Embracing what is became the only way to truly blossom into more, but this is easier said than done and takes some direction. Luckily there is so much access via the internet to tools that you can implement now!

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Growth is just taking a good look in the mirror and addressing what you want to change. No one is perfect, and chasing perfection will lead to a life of keeping up with the Jonses, now Instagram, and unattainable dreams. This is when things began to take shape career wise and my once untouched dreams began to reveal themselves. I stopped fighting the universe and instead began an “in bloom” period. Now it’s time to embrace yours…

Blossom Into More

1- Identify at least one bad habit, mine was reading gossip blogs, and make the decision to stop. I replaced my favorite guilty pleasure with, a website that is meant to empower, enrich and uplift specifically women of color. The founder actually started her career with a gossip blog and changed the scope after realizing the need to empower others. By just trading toxic rumors with positive messages, the blooming process became easier.

2- Find someone who you find inspirational and can keep you on track with these new habits. I chose to follow fellow entrepreneurial women who look like me and use their platforms for good. Much like Melissa Butler, a friend and the founder of The Lip Bar, a unique vegan lipstick line that is now sold in Target. By embracing her passion and going with the flow, she makes blossoming into more that much more attainable.

3- Repeat positive self talk and references that remind you just how amazing you are! I started a positive affirmations Pinterest Board full of quotes that not only radiate light they are stylish and can be used as content for the future. Feel free to follow and create your own as your continue to bloom!

Photography by Victoria Saperstein

Special Thanks to The Lip Bar