Transitional Wear – Embracing Change

Not only is life consistently changing, so is the weather. When Spring breaks, but the cold air is still a factor, it’s time to appreciate the transition. From your outfit to your mindset, take on change stylishly while embracing whatever newness it may bring! The Winter to Spring transition is by far my favorite, when you get a chance to merge two styles of dress and make them one. This is also a perfect time for some Spring cleaning, packing away things that you don’t need and donating some for others to love. Both a fashion and lifestyle post, check out ways to not only honor the change in weather but to also honor the changes in life!

Starting with style, there are easy ways to take your wardrobe from cold to chilly asap. Transitional wear is defined as items that can be worn from season to season.

1- First, find a light coat that you normally wear with winter accessories that you can pack away at this point. Fabrics like wool, cashmere and wool all wear well year round (minus summer of course). I chose my black and white houndstooth jacket that is warm enough for fluctuating temperatures. This is the time to wear the coat open, this pattern flows and makes a statement.

2- Next, ditch your stockings, those annoying tights that we have to wear when it’s below freezing. Boots and booties that show off a pop of skin like so, is a great way to flirt with the temperature. If you are wearing a midi skirt try pairing it back to ankle booties and compliment a mini skirt with over the knee or thigh high options.

3- Lastly, keep your light sweaters out and available, perfect for layering under a coat to finally highlight as a piece all it’s own. Light cashmere turtlenecks, heavy knit tops, and denim are three fabrics that will keep you warm and cool simultaneously.

Of course if you are loving this look you can shop it (and other Winter to Spring looks) through Like To Know It, one of my favorite real life style platforms!

Learning to enjoy the ride, embrace change and do it all with a smile is a tough one. There are many days when I can’t even do one of the three, but practice makes perfect and accepting what is, is a task that we can all conquer. I’ve outlined a few quick lifestyle tips that will keep you grounded, with one foot kicked up in the air of course and in your Sunday’s best!

1- Learn to go with the flow, without fighting it. This mantra and way of being is the foundation to living life in style, which is also about how you feel inside. Ever heard the saying “beautiful on the inside and out?” this is key to successful transitioning and change. Books like, A New Earth, go in depth and will keep steadily on this path!

2 – Focus on what is in front of you, and that is “you.” Growing up between the social media age and an appreciation for non technological advancements, the days of highlight reels are real. Every day you can see what everyone else is doing, a sure fire way to forget what is in front of you. Don’t be afraid to take a social media detox or set time limits so that you can keep your goals in sight and continue walking towards them. Instead swap some of that time out with enlightening Podcasts like Super Soul Sunday or Therapy for Black Girls!

3- Find something that keeps you pushing forward, whatever that may be! We were all put here to create and we all have unique talents to showcase our stories. Mine happens to be fashion and I tell my narrative through that lens, unapologetically. Through your entire life you’ll see a thread that points you to that one thing that you love to do. One of the most accessible ways to do so is to use the power of the internet and build an online platform. Looking to do so…..Sign up for the newsletter for a brand new Online Brand Building Class!

As the seasons continue changing and transitions come and go, it’s important to love life and love it all. In order to live life in style, you have to also love your lifestyle!


Photography by Dave Scholten

Special Thanks to DIFF Eyewear

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