Sunshine on a Cloud Day – Healthy Living Tips

As I continue building and expanding my site I’ve decided to take on the challenge of being more open about those “dark days” that we all have. Running what some may call a social media brand (it has become quite easy to just post pretty pictures with meaningless captions and avoid talking about real life. We have gotten to a point where it needs to be understood that “life is not just a highlight reel, life is real!” I stated this one day when talking to my friends about sharing using my platform, starting with more vulnerable posts on my personal facebook page about overcoming trials and tribulations. It was said and now it is written. Read on about how I combat my negative feelings that we all have on a daily basis and of course you can shop this look later on in the post!

Brooklyn Bridge Fashion Photohoot

Starting with the very location of this shoot, I woke up that morning knowing that I was going to get the best photo by the Brooklyn Bridge as laid out in my comprehensive treatment. Then the universe did what it wanted so it was cloudy and raining the entire time. Instead of canceling or not being “into” the photos, I pretended like it was sunny and got straight into model mode. This is the meaning behind having sunshine on a cloudy day, no matter what you have to keep smiling and moving forward.

This is is easier said than done, in fact I am just now getting the hang of it. Through my dark days I have battled with everything from anxiety to depression to addiction. It wasn’t until I changed my mindset that I was able to create light where it only seemed dark. Looking to do so yourself? Check out my list of tips below!

Creating Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

1- Develop a morning routine, whatever that may be! I like to start my day by burning incense, having a cup of coffee and carefully curating my outfit. I get into a better mood knowing that I have something consistent to look forward to that makes me happy regardless of what is going on around me.

2- Find a tribe of people who uplift you, not people who bring you down based on their own insecurities! I have been on the latter end, that was until I began to get myself together. Truth is you can’t be kind to others unless you are kind to yourself. So find like minded people to help keep you walking pridefully down your path.

3- Create your vision, taking it from your head to a piece of paper, a keyboard or whatever medium works for you! I make a vision board yearly, at times quarterly, just to remind myself of my goals for self care. Look at this every day, or however many times during the day you need to, preaching to yourself that there is always inspiration to keep you moving.

4- Write positive affirmations, whether on a post it note or by using a book as a guide. I like to write my own, as I continue to tell myself that I am enough and can get through anything no matter what! Stick them anywhere from your computer to your mirror and re-read them as much as possible.

5- Finally, accept those negative thoughts! This does not mean to combat them which is essentially fighting yourself, this means to acknowledge that they are happening, sit with them, even write them down and then move on. We are just humans who think darkly at times and spreading light is about accepting the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Thanks for reading and be sure to peruse the rest of the site for more ways to continue living life in style through fashion, lifestyle and travel!

Photography by Victoria Saperstein