The Creative – The Makings of a Photoshoot

aundromat Blogger Photoshoot

Creating started before I even knew the definition of the word and I was free to explore and choose my focuses! Growing up as a true Philly Girl, a jawn as some people would call it, art always held a space in my heart. Philly is home to some of the most talented artists, designers, and creative schools. So it was a no brainer that I left New York to get my Masters in Global Fashion Enterprise at a historic fashion and retail-focused school. When I had a chance to create magic with some talented Philadelphians, I jumped at the chance, showcasing the makings of a photoshoot as an ode to my hometown!

Blogger Laundromat Photoshoot

Featuring pieces by Terese Sydonna, a designer who built part of her business in Philly, I put together looks to showcase my sense of style with the help of Alicia DeLarge on locations, Bryce Lennon behind the camera, and Dvvinci video. We went for a more editorial and unpolished look, using fashion and props to bring the sets to life. Creating more, even during my morning tea or an all nighter, has been something that has been heavy on my heart and mind for years now. Managing both a full-time job and several side hustles, it’s important to get lost in the world of making things. Whether it be an outfit that you put together for a red carpet gala or a video that you recorded yourself and edited on iMovie, there is nothing small about making art.

 I put together 4 Terese Sydonna look using pieces that will soon be featured (stay tuned) First was our stop at the laundromat, scenes that were inspired by my new found obsession with Pinterest. I frequently save photos that I’d like to re-create or try in the future and pull them when the time is right. I styled this red poly charmeuse dolman top with her black waterfall column skirt. It wouldn’t be a “me look” without a vintage oversized belt that I stole from my mother’s closet and my red graduation shoes!

Tree Blogger Photoshoot

We then moved to our second location which happened to be in an actual tree. When creating, it’s important to jot any idea that you have down somewhere. From a journal to a notebook, I have had an idea to shoot in nature, literally, for quite some time. The chaos print full-length skirt, my all time fav whose cousin was featured it in a past shoot, and Zara top that I found in LA were the stand out items. Who needs shoes when you are perching in a tree?

Nature Photoshoot Blogger

Next up was my favorite look of them all, a marigold dress origami banded neoprene dress, in the color that works for every skin tone! In true form,I cinched my waist with a gold vintage belt that resembles a fighter’s waistband. This is where the colors and textures came into full play with neon shoes and a multi-color straw bag! The greenery was all the scenery that we needed to get this summer shot.

Blogger Jumping Photoshoot

Last was the twin of the waterfall column skirt in white, this time dressed down with a floral top and platform sneakers. I accessorized with a floral Kate Spade bag that I grabbed from my favorite resale store in Philly, Green Street Consignment. Footage was captured while I twirled around, fell on the ground (more like dirt), and changed in a pop-up tent just to make this all work out. Contrary to belief there is the not so glamorous side of creating, the side where you risk everything just to get it right!

What’s a true look behind the scenes without a video with lots of laughs, loads of looks and music by DJ Ferno. When creating your next project be sure to stay true to your vision, map it out, and of course have some fun!

Photography by Bryce Lennon

Locations by Alicia DeLarge

Behind The Scenes Video by Dvvinci

Special thanks to Terese Sydonna