My Mother’s Shirt – Why I Wear Vintage

Vintage Shirt with Pencil Skirt

I say it all the time, my Mother’s clothing is a key part of my style, or at the least her style of dress is. Growing up my Mom always had an appreciation for vintage pieces, even if she mixed them with current trends. Following suit I learned an appreciation for quality and uniqueness that you can only find when you thrift. If I’m looking for a one of a kind piece that no one else has, I head to my local vintage store. On top of a love for the older era, vintage is a great way to promote sustainability by recycling fashion instead of wasting. In an effort to promote conscious living, you can live life in style and save the planet too!

Vintage Shopping Tips

 Sometimes I go to fast fashion stores to see what is on the runways, just to grab it cheaper at a vintage shop. I listed out my favorite vintage places to shop both online and brick and mortar in a previous post, so this time around I will be listing out exactly what you should look for during your shopping trips. Don’t expect to find exactly what you envision, you will more so be making a list of essentials that fit into larger categories.

Nature Fashion Blogger Photoshoot

First let’s get into this look! I was home in Philly one day and under packed so my Mom’s closet became my wardrobe. I asked for a printed shirt and came across this throw back blouse designed with every color in the rainbow and a crazy fun print! You can grab a similar version here, again vintage is one a kind so think outside the box. I’ve worn this shirt a few times, this time styled asymmetrically with my favorite scuba skirt that I own in pretty much every color. Another vintage piece came into the mix with the ever so popular wicker bag with a genuine retro feel. Fast fashion creeped in with these neon yellow Aldo sandals. Instantly shop my entire look “click by click” using Like To Know It for more options!

Vintage Styling Tips

Now onto what you need to keep your eye on while perusing your local vintage stores or browsing on Etsy! The key is to grab things that will stand the test of style and time.

Stock up on jewelry, especially clip on earrings, which always float in and out of every fashion season and come in a variety of styles

Search for a great belt, an accessory that never goes out of style, much like the wide belt that has made a comeback

Glasses are great add ons when transforming a basic look, a killer frame in a unique color goes a long way

Grab a maxi dress that works well during multiple seasons and comes in every fun print from the 80’s and 90’s

Pick out some pins, which are perfect to adorn your hat or shirt with and happen to be on runways now

Behold the blazer, a piece that’s been a part of fashion for so long that the older the item, the better

7- Don’t be afraid to do denim, Mom’ jeans are flattering and elevate any look

So there you have it, these are just one of the many reasons why I wear vintage. After all of my preaching about vintage shopping, have you been?

Photography by Bryce Lennon of Unregistered Style

Makeup by Nicole N MUA