Staycation – The Kimpton Hotel

The Kimpton Lorien Hotel & Spa

Travel isn’t always about hopping the next flight and going overseas, you can enjoy the lap of luxury locally and get the most out of a staycation. Right up my alley, take some time to relax and enjoy all the bells and whistles that come along with an extended hotel stay. I recently traveled to Alexandria, Virginia for a wedding (tis’ the season) and The Kimpton Lorien Hotel & Spa made this into the perfect quick weekend getaway.

I’m always preaching about the importance of taking a break from the daily stressors of life, putting down your laptop, turning your cell phone on do not disturb and just getting away. Staycations make that possible, where you can unwind in your hometown or nearby for less than a flight to Paris. There are a few things that you should consider when planning your next out of town stint!

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For just 1-2 nights try escaping to a boutique hotel with amenities galore. Smaller sized hotels have always been a go-to of mine when looking for peace of mind. Quiet and quaint, you get all the perks of a major chain with the feel of your family’s vacation house. Not to mention the lovely welcomes and royal treatment!

The Kimpton Lorien Hotel Happy Hour

Great hotels are known to go above and beyond with contemporary decor, complimentary happy hour, friendly service, and everything that you need on site. Even your laundry can be taken care of while you relax in your room.

When searching for the perfect stay the ambiance is the first thing I notice. I fell head over heels for this printed wall paper which is making a comeback in the interior design world.

The Kimpton Lorien Hotel Robe

When planning the proper staycation you should upgrade the room and get all the glittery add-ons since you’re saving on transportation. It’s great to be inspired what you’ll need in your future house, like this claw foot tub that’ll be in my master bath and comfortable complimentary robes.

Organization is my middle name so having a place to line up all my makeup and toiletries was a fabulous bonus.What’s a spa hotel without space to spread out and relax? Our Jimmy Choo fragrances, that I shamelessly wear daily and take everywhere, will be on sale this fall. You can shop their other smell goods here.

The Kimpton Lorien Hotel

Next comes the comfort of the beds, where I spent most of my time wallowing around. King sized and obviously made for my wild sleeping habits, it didn’t get plusher than this.

The Kimpton Lorien Hotel Deck

There’s no way to make a woman feel more like a queen than to give her a huge rooftop deck. The mornings started with a sun tanning and relaxing in none other than my spa robe and slippers.

Who knew that a staycation could be as relaxing as an international around the world trip? I normally don’t get much time to actually enjoy the accommodations overseas since I fill my spare time with every activity possible. Does this sound like anyone else? If so check out The Kimpton’s other hotels around the country that are perfect for your next getaway in your area. Stop work, sit back and staycation!