Do It Yourself – Summer Sheer

sheer black skirt

Sheer has always been a stylist favorite, an easy way to create a dramatic look! Not to mention that it’s perfect for the hot summer weather because of the breathable fabric. The sheer overlay has made a comeback and you can actually do it yourself, I transformed a bathing suit cover-up by cutting out the bottoms to create a full-on sheer overlay!

I cut the bottoms out of this skirt so that it was just plain sheer, making it more versatile and ready to wear off the beach. Summer suede hot pants, that are actually to short to wear on their own, were the layering piece for underneath.  The sexiness of the skirt was toned down with an oversized white shirt dress, creating a casual chic look. There are several ways to dress up or even down, a sheer overlay, check out inspo on my latest summer sheer Pinterest board. You can even see the pin that inspired this playful yet easy to create look!

rainbow sandals

The pop factor was my summer sandals that are playful and surprisingly easy to walk in. You can shop this exact pair (plus a wedge version) here using the page from my newest collab (thankful) with Like to Know It! Click here to shop

A creative at heart, DIY projects are endeavors that I often overlook. With a kit of styling basics and a headful of imagination; you can transform pieces in your closet that you no longer wear into repurposed closet staples! Last season, I ironed patches onto a pair of rarely worn jeans and in less than 5 minutes I had a brand new look. Check out my post on making patched denim here

black sheer skirt

If you are looking to save money on fast trends and start being more self-sufficient, then there are some things that you need to gather before you “do it yourself!” Working on set taught me the basics of a kit when creating photoshoots and video you/re basically doing it yourself in terms of making the wardrobe look pristine! You can even use these items for your styling kit, many are straight from behind the scenes.

1- Create a kit in home and travel form (it’s when you’re on the go that you have the most wardrobe malfunctions) Make sure that you have scissors, needle, thread, measuring tape, double stick tape, and safety pins!

2- Try on your pieces before your toss them and jot down ideas on ways to repurpose what fits but may be outdated or just worn way too much (we all have these pieces)

3- If you’re not good at cutting or sewing, try tying skirts and shirts in different ways to update their look

4- Follow inspiration, let’s face it we are all inspired by something or someone, and always save your ideas for later when you are ready to transform your next look. Like To Know It and Pinterest are great outlets for both

black sheer skirt

Photography by Caitee Smith

Makeup by Latisha Rankin