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“Oh my god I love your look, where did you get it from?!” My answer usually entails a response like “it was my mother’s from the 80’s” or “my favorite vintage store” or “inspiration from an old magazine!” I’m putting it all on the table, highlighting vintage pieces in previous posts and now going full force with my best vintage style tips. Living by the quote, you don’t have to be rich to be fashionable, you will find me mixing hi’s with lo’s as I appreciate a good thrifted (or borrowed from my Mother’s closet) find. Fashion eras repeat themselves, current looks are just new a way of thinking about old ideas. This makes appreciating vintage a great way to maximize your wardrobe and update historic ideas so that you can stand out from the masses!

Whenever I put together a vintage based outfit, especially during photoshoots like this one, people come up and ask me all kind of questions about it’s origin. I grabbed this tropical jumpsuit for a luau themed party last year from my go-to in Brooklyn, 10 Ft By Single Stella Dallas. I knew it would become a closet staple, a skort a.k.a “one of fashion’s greatest creations” plus a v-neck cut, it was love as soon as I saw it on the mannequin. You can’t shop this exact romper but you can locate a similar one using my vintage guide below. I styled it with my summer favorites, neon sandals made of vegan-friendly PVC, that you can buy here. A crystal and gold vintage belt and two-toned lips featuring The Lip Bar were my main accessories!

This purple lipstick trend is actually from the 50’s  and bold lip colors stemmed from the 80’s, both updated with a two tone effect using hints of purple and pink. Fellow boss babe and makeup artist, Latisha Rankin, used Crown Me on the outer part and filled in the middle with As If, taking these retro lips to a modern level! I love pairing my lips back to my looks, making it a fashion accessory through beauty.

If you’re looking to create a vintage style there are a few tricks that you need to know! Not too long ago I decided in order to elevate my look I want to make sure that there is at least 1 thing that’s vintage in the mix, whether it be as subtle as a colored mascara or dramatic as a trench coat.

Vintage Style Tips

1- Figure out what kind of thrifting works for you! I am not the scouring type, I like organization by class and color so that I can pick pieces quickly. Some people love a good hunt and can make a day out if it, whatever your strategy the better the finds

2- Don’t be afraid to venture outside of the retail mega-centers for real hidden boutiques. Normally neighborhood women drop their season staples that have been worn once to their local thrift store for others to own. I tend to do it at times as well

3- As my friend Alicia DeLarge who is the master thrifter says, don’t go into the store expecting to find whatever item you put on your list, instead pick the pieces that speak to you and take it from there

4- Challenge yourself to think outside the box, transforming pieces for multiple uses. I scored this vintage nightgown that I wore as a shirt over jeans and a dress. If you’re really crafty you can get into cutting or tailoring and change the entire look of any garment

 Vintage Guide

Vintage has also gone online, which is actually great for those allergic to stores and lines. Visit Etsy which boasts some amazing shops for whatever your heart desires. For a skort romper like the one I’m wearing, click here and browse their selection that spans pages. I’m currently hunting for a wicker and leather bag, reminiscent of my mother’s tote, and I spotted one on Old Red Hen which has loads of amazing accessories. Vaux Vintage is a great resource for all things clothing at affordable prices. Use this platform to find your favorite vintage shop or pieces, you never know what you may stumble upon!

If you’re looking for a way to find a vintage store in your area, try Yelp! I use this to find user reviewed boutiques and check out the store before I visit. I’ve said it so many times but 10 Ft By Single Stella Dallas may be my favorite vintage store in New York. Check out their yelp page and be sure to visit if you’re living in the city or just visiting. The beauty of this shop is the way it is curated, and they just launched a home store adjacent to their Brooklyn staple.

If you are looking for designer pieces at a steal, buying or selling, Eleven Consignment Boutique in Lower East Side is a must visit. Not in New York City? This store is so next level that they offer a selection of items online, which is very rare! You can even gift your special someone with a card to shop till they drop while saving a ton.

How did I not get into Pinterest sooner?! Get lost in digital mood boards and find thousands of retro fashion and beauty ideas from fellow influencers, bloggers, and users alike. I recently joined and you can follow my boards here as I continue using inspiration for elevation!

So there you have it, I’ve put it all on the table to list out ways to achieve a vintage style that is still fresh! Would you style your outfits with inspo from other eras?


Photography by Caitee Smith

Makeup by Latisha Rankin

Special Thanks to The Lip Bar

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