Transparent Accessories – Rain Ready To Wear

Spring is creeping up and slowly showing it’s face, and as always there are lots of showers. Now you can embrace the wet weather with transparent accessories. Made of PVC materials, this see through trend is waterproof and now fashionable. I remember when I was a little girl and I had clear bags and shoes, fashion is all about taking old trends and reinventing them, improving the wheel. This season designers like Burberry & Fenty by Puma have debuted these see-through pieces on the runways last fall. Now it’s made it’s way off the runways and ready for the streets, at a fraction of the price!

Mixing high and low is essential to creating a wardrobe that makes sense, even celebrities are picking up on this way of fashion life. Some trends that come and go aren’t always worth investing in so fast fashion has made it easy to grab runway inspired looks without breaking the bank. I grabbed this clear raincoat from Ebay for $20, who has completely revamped their marketing and became a fashion mecca for authentic and inspired pieces. $19.99 for a coat that I will wear a few times in the Spring, sounded like music to my ears. I’ve listed out other sites that sell the trends (in season) for less!

1 –, an Asian retailer who I did a case study on in school, now sells goods from overseas straight to the consumer. Before you had to be a wholesaler, so you’re basically getting the same things as the stores, without the markup. Make sure to measure, sizing is not what it seems!

2-, is now offering a monthly service that allows you to rent authentic designer pieces, send them back, and rent some more. It’s a great way to keep you closet fresh and your clothing footprint low. Because how many random clothes do we have laying around?

3 –, I’m always sending people to this site because of the filters. You can literally select whatever you’re looking for and get actual options that you’d shop online. Not like most sites that list pieces in the U.K. that you can’t order or are already sold out!

This See Through Clear trench is best worn both ways, whether as a raincoat or a regular coat. I paired it with the ever so popular shirt dress and transitional peep toe boots. Items that show a bit of skin while keeping your covered are ideal for the flip flopping weather trend. If you can’t stop at this clear coat, you can incorporate clear accessories with the shopping links below. As I always say, accessories can make or break an outfit and see-through options are the clear option!

More See Through Accessories

Are you loving the see through A.K.A. transparent trend? What pieces would you pick?

Photography by Caitee Smith

Makeup by Latisha Rankin