Travel in Style – Airport Attire

Tried and true, I bring you comfortable yet stylish airport attire for the on-the-go woman! Travel has been picking up in my schedule, especially 4 hours or more rides, so I must put together outfits that I can wear on flights comfortably. This look had to be effortless yet stylish, ideal when taking a cab or train to the terminal. Traveling stylishly keeps your on your toes no matter where you are and ready for anything when you touch down!

 When dressing for the “rush to the plane” sprint, you want to look calm even when you’ve got 30 minutes to make your flight. The key is to create a look that you can wear out later, just in case something happens with your luggage (oh the joys of crowded flights). I opted for comfortable sneakers that I found on Zara’s End of Season Sale for $25 with stretch black wax denim. Wear fabrics that you can wipe spills off easily when traveling (crowds + small spaces = spills) like wax, leather or stain resistant denim. A basic sweater in silver (not seen) was my shirt of choice because of the breathable fabric and it’s wrinkle proof, perfect for hours of sitting. What made this look stand out, and I mean compliments from airport to airport, was this The Dress Code white shaggy cardigan. I wore this in a previous post and now it’s on sale for $49, grab one for the transitional weather coming up with a surprise below. My little cousin gifted me this tote and it makes the perfect travel bag, complete with a removable compartment to conceal all your toiletries and enough space for your MacBook.

You always need some type of coat while in the airport and a plush light coat makes for the perfect built in stylish blanket.


Make sure to stock up on this season’s chic sneakers & try a tote bag with travel friendly inserts. Walking…. strutting through the airport, will become that much easier with these two essentials. Shop my hand picked selection below!

Thanks for reading and stay stylish while you’re on-the-go!

Photography by Rex Camera

Makeup by Latisha Rankin