Online Shopping – An Easy Guide

In the world of shopping for clothes, online stores have made it easier than ever to get fashion fast (I.E. the term Fast Fashion.) Instead of trekking to the stores, waiting in long unorganized register lines, fighting for a stall in a messy fitting room, loosing your merchandise to the attendant on the way out, then walking back to where you started from to get a replacement; you can simply click, ship, and be done! There are a host of online stores that sell fashionable clothes at affordable prices, perfect for the in season. But with the rise of popularity comes scams! That’s right, consumers have ordered items that come not as pictured on the website, poorly made to a point where it is trashed after one wear, never showed up or comes in late, customer service never responds via email; trust me the list could go on! Fortunately for you, I’ve created a list of online stores who are reputable and reliable. After all who wants to hassle over an “easy” process? Instead shop online in style!

Shop Online In Style

1-, who happens to be the designer of this cozy off the shoulder sweater dress. They have a great selection, fast shipping, seasonal deals, and live customer service. This Nikki Off the Shoulder Sweater can be worn alone, layered over a blouse, as a dress, or as a top; talk about more bang for your buck! You can shop everything from swim to an evening dress, whatever your stylish heart desires.

2- H& (I know we’re upset with them, they apologized so we must move on and continue combating the status quo) is doing a much better job at stocking what you find on the floor online! Not to mention you can find promo codes that are online only and call for live help or shopping advice. I picked up these season staple fishnet stockings from H&M, plus a few other goodies, and have worn them with dresses, layered under pants, and with skirts.

3- has grown in popularity because of its trendy pieces and eye catching ads! I was leery after a holiday mix up where a package never arrived. But after giving them a second shot, I’ve purchased some staple pieces that cost less than $50 and arrived to my door in less than 3 days!

4- is everyone’s favorite and has been ruling the cyber world for 8 years. You can shop for the whole team, men’s, women’s, and maternity. You can also find contemporary designer pieces and a regularly promoted promo code for 10% off (who doesn’t like to save?!) Not to mention for $79 a year you get free 2 day shipping on everything! They have saved my shopping life (and clients lives) a few times.

5- is another newbie with some great items. I actually picked up my 30th Birthday hi lo gown from there and I was shocked at the quality based on the price point. Trendy, durable, and fashion forward, this shop is buzzing because of their easy to shop selection and great customer service. They even include a label for returns, which is normally unheard of!

Shop Cozy Sweaters from These Sites

Grey Twist Sweater, Black Ribbed Sweater, Blue Ribbed Sweater

Green Ribbed Sweater, Pink Pullover Sweater

So there you have it, a concise list of cyber chic online stores that I have actually shopped with and can speak to. This is not to say to become allergic to retail stores – sometimes you have to go try on, get tailoring or pick up something quick – but you can make your shopping life easier by buying the bulk of your clothes online. Try trading in your stressful shopping Saturday for a relaxing experience from you couch and let me know how/if these sites work out for you!

Photography by Captured Nouns

Makeup by Jas Saw Art