New Goals – New Year

It’s a new year and time for some new years resolutions! New Year, New Goals, and why not a New Look?! All three play into moving towards your calling and fulfilling your passions. My passion happens to be fashion and despite what anyone has to say about the industry or it’s image, it is my calling. Like many callings, you run from them until you can’t run anymore. Since I started following my passions and turning my fashion ambitions into a digital dream, brand collaborations have been rolling in. Most recently I was able to collaborate with Terese Sydonna, a New York native and fellow black boss babe in this normally secluded industry. This lace top means more than just the material, it’s a stepping stone as I walk in my purpose!

Long ago I had no idea that fashion blogging was even means to monetary success. Putting together looks is something that is fun to me and creating outfits for others brings me joy. When I was approached to collaborate with Terese Sydonna I knew I had to create a cohesive yet chic new look. I paired a velvet A line skirt with this lace top to compliment the subtle velvet collar. Floral Booties, my seasonal favorite accentuated this all black look. These happen to now be on sale for $29.99 and I suggest you grab them before they are long gone! Perfect for a night out or dinner date, you can’t go wrong in all black with just the right amount of sex appeal.

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now until February 4th!

So here I am 4 collaborations in and preparing for what’s next. Many people wonder how I am able to juggle a full time job with a part time passion (that feels more full time than anything) and often times I have no idea. I decided to come up with some answers as others decide to pursue their passions and eventually turn it into their careers. This is when you can truly achieve success, when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work, and you get paid for it; you are all set!

Managing a Full Time Job with a Part Time Passion

It is no secret, or maybe it is and I feel like I announced it endlessly, that I work full time for The Cashmere Sale and manage my website all the other hours of the day when I am not working. It seems as if I work all the time and before I invested I had little to no direction on how to do this effectively without loosing my mind. Now that I am diving fully into the blogging and digital influencing world,  I am sharing what I have learned so far on my journey! These tools are the grounds to building any business.

1- Invest in a brand developer if you are new to the industry and need guidance. For just a few grand, not a lot in the long haul, an experienced mentor can help you properly execute your ideas. I hired The Daileigh, a blogger that I followed for years who recently started offering guides and one on one fashion brand development.

2- Pitching to brands is the real money maker and unknown to most people. Now a days real people are the face of brands opposed to celebrities who are usually un relatable. I had the pleasure of participating in a free pitching class with Julie Solomon a publicist turned digital marketing genius.

3- Create a schedule to keep yourself on track with everything from blogging to marketing. I love apps like Planoly for marketing scheduling, my iCalendar to keep myself organized amongst all my other tasks, and Notes to jot down my thoughts through out the day.  When you are managing multiple things it is important to keep a running to do list and ideas book! A wise designer told me to always have a place to write down your thoughts as they come, you never know which one is a winner.

4- Create an email list, this may be your most effective tool for marketing. Once you have someone’s email you can keep them updated on whatever you are doing at the time. MailChimp is a great platform that is user friendly and visually appealing.

5- Lastly, don’t quit your day dream, remember that your passions will one day pay the bills and until then you must manage multiple things at once! I read stories on site like to keep me grounded that focus on everything from navigating the social world, to maintaining confidence, to meditation practices and more.

Cheers to a New Year, New You, and New Look as your walk in your purpose and follow your passions.

Photography by Captured Nouns

Makeup by Jas Saw Art

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