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Fashion is all about clothes, shoes, and accessories, but style is a different story! Style is all about confidence in your clothes and making the right choices for your figure! I always tell my clients that it really doesn’t matter what you have on as long as you love it and it fits well! How many times has Rihanna rocked what some would call “questionable outfits” but her confidence and body language made it work?  If you’re looking to elevate your style, the first step is becoming confident in your clothes and owning your style!

Building Confidence in Your Clothing Choices

It’s so important to figure out and accept what your body type is. Let’s face it, not everyone is the stick thin model that you see on the runway meaning that not everything on that model is going to look good on you! Just because you can afford to buy the latest styles doesn’t mean you’re going to look great in everything that is out there.

Behold, an easy way to figure out what your body type is! These are the most common shapes that pretty much encompass most women.

If you’re an Apple Shape you are going to want to make your waist look smaller, meaning boxy tops paired high waist jeans and A-Line Skirts that create an hourglass illusion. Cinching the waist will become your best friend!

Pear Shaped? Heavier on the bottom? Structure I.E. a leather pencil skirt, will accentuate your assets with doing the most.

If you have a strong Rectangle shape, much like an Apple, you’ll want to cinch your waist with belts and flowy items, like maxi dresses will become your best friends.

The Hourglass Shape tends be to be more top heavy, making looser tops a go to, showing off the “girls” but in a classy way.

Use this chart as a way to figure out your body shape, own it, accept it, love it, then learn to dress it!

My body type is Hourglass-Rectangle, so you can regularly catch me in looser fit clothing thats tight in certain places, much like my featured look. These Black palazzo pants from Tobi, you can grab them here, work great on my wider hips since they are tight at the top and loose at the bottom. I went for my true size so you can see my shoes, but you can size up for a looser fit or down for a tighter fit. A simple black turtleneck shows off my shape without having things spill out, because who really wants to keep messing with their top? A colorful statement scarf is much like my edgy-chic-classy style, (I’m explaining styles next) You can find this on Aldo’s end of season sale. Same with the shoe, once I defined my style it became easy to pick out everything. If this purple power boot is your thing, you can shop it from Aldo, half off here. Once I defined my style it became easy to pick out everything!

Defining Your Style

Now that you’ve figured out what your body shape is, it’s easy to define your style! Whether you prefer a t-shirt and jeans or a midi skirt and heels, if you walk around like you own it, then you do. There are 7 main styles that I use to help my clients figure out a term(s) that they can relate to their wardrobe. Style also changes at times, so don’t think you have to stay in your box forever, experiment with what works and follow inspo that speaks to you. You can even pick more than 1 at a time to describe how you like to dress, there are no rules to style! A great tool when looking up style inspo is Pinterest, so use some of this info to help you pinpoint your signature look and start pinning away!


An artsy style is usually high fashion and defined by a risk taker who loves to play with bold silhouettes, prints, patterns, and colors. Art is usually the inspiration here, she’s an out of the box thinker which is key to owning this style!


A chic style, sometimes also called a classy style, is sophisticated and perfectly polished. You will find crisp and neat clothes in her closet, with attention to detail at its finest! She never does to much, but she doesn’t have to since her outfits are always steamed and put together.


A casual style is extremely relaxed and easy to wear. An everyday style, chic sneakers, boyfriend jeans, and oversized tops are comfy enough to support this sense of style! She doesn’t think to hard about what she’s wearing and that’s what makes her effortless style so amazing.


A flirty style, also know as sexy, shows a bit of skin here and there and isn’t afraid to push the envelope sass wise! Cut outs, slits, and leg pieces are go to for this flirty fashionista! She loves to seduce the masses with her sensual style.


A preppy style is prim and proper, a classic American look. Go to stores include J Crew for pullovers, blouses, and loafers! She loves to look as organized as her calendar, making her style beautifully buttoned up.


A vintage style embraces all things “retro.” You’ll find her pulling pieces from local thrifts stores and her parents closet and pairing them with amazing one of a kind old school finds. She loves to pay homage to nostalgia icons, making her style a true historical fashion form!


A rocker style knows no boundaries and hardware and rugged finishes. Trends are not her thing, she deals in emotion and dresses based off how she feels. She gives no f**ks and that’s what makes her style so fearless!

What do you gravitate towards in your closet currently? If you can figure that out then you are on the right track towards defining your style. Then throw all those other clothes away, you want everything you put on to encompass your style and flatter your body type. Learn to love your body, dress your body, and in the style that works for you, these are the keys to having confidence in your clothes!

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