Happy Holidays – The Gift That Gives Back

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Years & Happy Holidays! In line with more conscious choices pamper yourself with gifts that give back. You’ve spent your time tirelessly shopping for others so make sure to do something nice do something nice for yourself along the way. Still a devout vegan, black girl advocate, and environmentally friendly fashionista shop my holiday look which encompasses brands and designers that support all of these missions!

Finding Faux Fur has been easier than I thought, getting my hands on and Heurueh “mean business” color block coat that turns heads every-time. Shop this coat instantly here and enter the New Year in style while saving some animals along the way. I actually packed my vintage fur away for the first time this year. Visit your local estate, moving and porch sale using Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace to track down one of a kind offerings. I shopped these Fringe Faux Suede Boots at my friends porch sale, which is a great way to score unworn items that would normally get tossed to the back of a closet or eventually given away. Wear lipstick that’s good enough to eat. The Lip Bar is all about cruelty free ingredients and bold shades, my go to for all things lippies. They just released their holiday collection of a shimmery red gloss, stick and matte; you can also customize your own gift box!

Gift Yourself For The Holidays

Moving into a more “woke” lifestyle is becoming a smoother transition with the help of tips and hacks that are now available to the world. If you’re looking for ways to stay in style while honoring self love and care, check the list below for ways to keep this going! You can do all things at home, right now, and make your holiday that much brighter!

1- Purge your closet of things that you don’t wear, don’t fit or are just outdated; giving away what you don’t need and packing away what isn’t cruelty free. Aside from today, this is something that you should do seasonally to refresh and restart your look.

2- Fill up your bath tub, add sea salt that you can get from your cabinet, a dash of epson salt and splash of baking soda. You can even add a dash of essential oil. Don’t forget the wine and tea lights.

3- Lay some pillows from your couch on the ground, sit back, relax and meditate! You can use the help of an app such as Calm or Headspace and get into the zen mode.

4- Take out your journal, a simply a piece of paper, and write down all your thoughts. Relax as you get rid of any worrisome thoughts and soon replace them with positivity and grace.

Happy Holidays to You and Yours and Be Sure to Always Take Care Of Yourself!

Photography by Victoria Saperstein


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