Three Fabrics – One Look

Rocking the runway, or sidewalk – depending on whose asking – means going outside the box and pairing unexpected textures together! Fabric can take outfits to different lengths. Something as simple as trading in your cotton denim pants for subtle leather leggings can elevate any wardrobe. Leather, fur, and velvet, sounds crazy until you see them all together. Take some risks and get texture crazy by throwing three different fabrics together!

How great does fur look with leather! Embrace all of this season’s fall trends in one look. Fur is always on the runway and leather never goes out of style. Pair the two together and you have an unexpected twist.

Velvet is another fabric that has been on the trend reports for almost 2 years. This soft and luxurious staple adds an instant pop to any outfit, whether it be as basic as a bag or as extravagant as a floor length coat. Pick from a host of my favorite leather, fur, and velvet pieces for fall and update your wardrobe with chic additions!

Choose from my top picks to create this look from low to high prices and grab this exact sweater from The Cashmere Sale! Check your local store and call to see if they carry the “Pointelle Stitch Fur Sleeve” sweater. It’s only available in stores!

Makeup by Valencia, Photography by Bryce Lennon

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