Satin in the Summer – Vintage Find

Happy Independence Day, the long weekend is over, back to working we go folks! This was the day when we as Americans asserted ourselves and said we are doing great over here, thanks. As much as an Anti Trump fan as I am, he is not my president, I am an American. I happened to throw together a red, white, and blue look revolving around satin, perfect for Independence Day! 🇺🇸

These satin shoes made a debut at my graduation, dressed up for my big debut, and recently dressed down for the streets. I scored this silk pajama top from a local thrift store and paired it with denim for a casual chic look. Mixing high and low, I.E. thrifting and splurging is the way to go!

Lingerie is the new normal and wearing it casually is even cooler! Silk and satin fabrics are cool for the summer and  make for a hot look, effortless and oh so pretty. Recreate this look using the items below and assert your independence by wearing whatever you want, even nightwear as daywear.

Nicole is always beating my face to the gawds, so I decided to include similar or the same products that she uses on my face. Shopping links below!

Photography by Bryce Lennon of Unregistered Style, Makeup by Nicole N MUA