Five Dollar Flowers – Discount Find

I am all about a deal or steal on an amazing piece. Mixing high and low fashion has been my way to create amazing outfits at affordable prices for quite some time now. So when I waltzed into H&M in the suburbs of Philadelphia to get work clothes for an old job and found a sale rack full of high fashion pieces, I died. I didn’t quite understand how a skirt so beautiful could be left in full size run mode and for $5! Marked down from $60, apparently this skirt didn’t sell. Why not? Deets below!

Through my work as a stylist and a healthy addiction to shopping I’ve learned that the suburban stores that carry fashion items generally end up with sitting inventory. And that means steals for us! Traveling to a local mall in the outskirts or area surrounded by outlets, is as sure fire way to score some deals. This same skirt is on racks for full retail in cities like New York, my new hometown, because of the demand.

 Excited to find this gem, I decided to dress it down with a simple T-Shirt and Rihanna styled my denim jacket. Gunmetal shoes and a beat face were my accessories, letting this five dollar flower power piece do all the talking. Shop a similar look below. Warning, the skirt pictured is not $5 because it’s still full price. Feel free to galavant your local H&M and see what you can find OR drop the money for a similar outfit.

Photography by Bryce Lennon of Unregistered Style, Makeup by Nicole N MUA

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