Snakeskin Leggings – A Seasonal Favorite


I’ve always been told that I have a unique style, which I have grown to become proud of. After all, why fit in when you can stand out? Unlike many, my basics are prints and one of my favorites is snakeskin. Every season I am purchasing a pair of snakeskin shoes, pants, or a shirt. I have held onto this BCBG pair since college, I knew they would come back in style, remixing them for the 2017 transitional weather season!


I pulled the blue undertones in grey out with these velvet boots. With the winter coming to an end my favorite purchase this season will have to go into storage, so they had to make their final debut. I styled these light pants with an oversized white sweater, a closet must have for creating all kinds of looks. Grey and blue accessories contrasted with and still matched this look perfectly. Items that you can use to create this look are below. What are your closet staples?


Photography by Bryce Lennon of Unregistered Style


Makeup by Nicole N MUA