South Africa – Travel Guide

I recently had the opportunity to travel to South Africa with my dear friend and Spelman Sister, Tabby Molapo. She’s been inviting me to come to Johannesburg for years now and this year I was actually able to join. From the amazing views in North Cliff to the cultural party in Eagle Waters Wildlife Resort, I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. Visiting the Motherland was an experience that I have been longing for and I can finally say I was able to step foot on the land that I came from. Read on for details on where we stayed, what we ate, what we did, and of course some South African style!

South-AfricaA Brief History

Johannesburg is South Africa’s biggest city and was once home to Nelson Mandela. It also ranks as one the top 50 urban cities in the world. Even though it’s not the capitol, it’s the seat of Constitutional Court. Gold is what has this city thriving since 1886, the city has since grown, transforming into a top tourist destination full of culture and community. This sense of unconditional love can be felt through the entire city and it’s surrounding areas. This trip ranks of one of the top 3 that I’ve been on. Read on for more deets!

What I Wore

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my many looks that I wore while I was in South Africa. I was able to link up with an amazing designer and friend, Sylvester Falata. I pulled this amazing black and white fitted dress and had a skirt made that has traveled with me to other countries such as Cuba. He’s made dresses for plenty of South African signers and celebrities and I had the pleasure of working with him.

IMG_8264 4

What We Did

IMG_5063Pilanseberg Day Safari via Go Safari

We found this amazing trip on Trip Advisor and it was rated with the most stars. Louis Rudman provided a stellar service where we were able to eat with the most amazing view and see a host of beautiful animals. He ensured that we got seats at the front and we were even able to spot 4 of the Big 5 animals. Take a look at this lovely lion below.


This gorgeous creature just laid there and posed for us as we gazed in amazement!


Durban for the Day

We we’re so fortunate to be flown into Durban for the day by our dear friend. Durban is a beach town city in South Africa full of color and life. Although it was chilly when we went this is definitely worth a trip, you can grab a roundtrip flight for less than $100.

Where We Ate


Pont De Val Bistro

This cheese platter is just a glimpse of the decadent meal that we had at this bistro. I was taken back by the spread itself. The French inspired meal was simply divine and full of flavor.


During the first night that we got into South Africa we downed 2 bottles of wine for less than $30 at this lush hotel restaurant in Sandton. It’s connected to a shopping mall that boasts luxury boutiques and couture brands.


Traditional Tripe

I was surprised to figure out that I love Tripe. This traditional food is made of the intestines of various animals. I didn’t know this at first when I scarfed it down and enjoyed every bite. If you are daring enough to try the recipe,  click here.

Where We Stayed


North Cliff

Look for an Air BnB in the neighborhood of North Cliff. It may be a little pricey but the views and serene elements are worth the price.

Eagle Waters Wildlife Resort

This resort boasts amazing water views and wildlife galore. If you just stroll the grounds you are sure to see a few, we had Zebra “casually” roaming as we ate breakfast. Activities include hang gliding, boating, and relaxing by the mountains. I literally stalked this herd of Zebras, many ran as soon as I quietly walked up.


Bonus Tips!

Try to take a direct flight using Delta, it’s a straight 15 hour flight from Atlanta and a much more relaxing trip

If you do need to layover, do so in Amsterdam. KLM operates this route with brand new planes stopping and a clean “Ikea like” Amsterdam Airport

Be sure to go on a Safari, the 3 day safari is even better than 1 day trip, giving you a better chance to see all of the wildlife in their natural habitat

Be prepared to save a lot of money, the Rand to the Dollar difference is very generous right now

Stay tuned for more details from my worldly adventures!