China – Travel Guide

Back from an epic China trip, my Masters in Global Fashion Enterprise program and I visited 4 major cities, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. China was always on my list of places to visit however I didn’t know how taken away I would be by the culture and especially the fashion. I proudly walked the halls of factories like Coach and Furla and lost my breath while climbing The Great Wall. The Asian culture simply has an innovative way of doing things and expressing themselves. I walked away from this trip with a new way of thinking and a unique point of view on life. I will be recapping of course what I wore, what the Chinese fashion mavens wore, what we did, where we ate and where we stayed after the break!


A Brief History

China is known to be a communist country and one with strict rules and enforced laws. I always wanted to visit just to learn more about the culture and way of life. This heavily populated country has much more to share than just communist views, from the fashion to the traditions and iconic worldly attractions, China is a country to behold.

Shanghai, our first stop, is much like Times Square and Manhattan. The streets were bustling with people and lined with state of the art retails stores. Beijing is known for its attractions like The Great Wall and The Forbidden City. The feel of this city is much calmer than Shanghai and oozed culture at every turn. Shenzhen is one of the newer Chinese cities, built less than 4 decades ago because of it’s neighbor and big sister, Hong Kong. Think of it like Philadelphia to New York. Lastly, Hong Kong is the international mecca of China, home to many European businessmen, a host of beaches, harbors, and fancy shops.

What I Wore


I hope that you are following me on Instagram and Facebook by now, if so you were able to see all of my fashion looks from my trip. I paired this pop color pleated skirt with a simple black top and animal print booties for a classy chic look. While in China I shopped till I dropped and scored some amazing pieces. Stay tuned for future photos showcasing some of my amazing Chinese fashion finds!


I also lived in these Nike Air Huarraches that have been featured in KITH. These got me through the streets in style and despite being a bright orange, matched with almost anything! Black on black was my go to with a pop of orange. You will see these through many travel posts, a great pair of comfortable and versatile kicks are a must pack!

A Glimpse into Chinese Style


I was literally walking around like the paparazzi snapping photos of my favorite looks. Many people gladly stood still as I focused my lens and then asked for a picture with me in return. This stylish kid in the red is by far one of my favorite looks. Fashion starts at birth in this fashion forward country. I loved the “I don’t give a fu*ck Rihanna attitude” that this culture seems to share. People color blocked, decided not to match, wore strange items that still looked stylish; all with confidence and class!

What We Did


The Bund in Shanghai

The Bund is a must sea harbor area in the heart of Shanghai. This futuristic city lives on its own and is a boat ride from the midtown area.


The Great Wall in Beijing

You can’t go to China and skip the great wall. We climbed the Badaling area, by far the most famous, and the steepest. Come prepared to do some squats and leg workouts as you hike up this amazing world wonder.


The Forbidden City in Beijing

This picturesque orange city was once home to a tyrant emperor and his concubines. It’s now a historical landmark and great photo shoot area. Walk the grounds and bring your camera for loads of photo ops.

Shopping in Shenzhen

The shopping in China as a whole is amazing, however all the malls and markets in Shenzhen were driven by trends and quality products. No matter where you shop while in this city, you are in for a style lovers treat.


The Stanley Market in Hong Kong

This market is well known for tourist shopping and international eats. I scored an acrylic painting for $13 and loads of other affordable gifts. Be sure to stop by for all your souvenir needs.

Victoria’s Peak in Hong Kong

I don’t have any photos from this space due to the heavy amount of fog and pollution. Victoria’s Peak is said to boast a view of Hong Kong that is worth dying for. Luckily no one died on our visit because all we saw was fog!

Where We Ate


Seafood on The Bund in Shanghai

This Chinese seafood restaurant can’t be missed as you walk The Bund. The large sign is welcoming and boasts delicacies like shrimp dumplings and oddities like frog tongue. Eat up!

Dali Courtyard in Beijing

This hidden gem is in a unassuming ally way and serves a delicious feast of Yunaan food. This Han Chinese style food is  as tasty as it is filling. We stocked up on mushrooms, fish, and fried cheese plates.


The Boathouse in Hong Kong

This British restaurant is everything that you need if you are looking for some American cuisine. They have a delicious fish and chips special for less than $20 that comes with a huge beer! (Click on the pic for more info about the amazing photographer)

Where We Stayed


The Radisson Blue Hotel Shanghai

This hotel was simply breathtaking and full of gold from floor to ceiling. Being an interior decor junkie, these spacious rooms come complete with a separate office area and whirlpool tub.


The Shangri La Hotel in Shenzhen

The lobby alone was chic and up to date and the rooms were no different. This contemporary hotel chain, that is known to provide luxury, was one of my favorite interior experiences while touring China.

Bonus Tips!

Learn both Mandarin and Cantonese greetings, Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong and Mandarin is the official language of many other cities.

Bring some walking shoes for sights like The Great Wall and The Forbidden City. I wore Nike Air Huaraches and my feet felt like clouds. 

Get prepared for some serious jetlag, you will be on a 12 hour time difference!

Thanks for reading more deets from this China trip. Stay tuned for my next adventure!