Brazil – Travel Guide

This New Years trip to Brazil came together last minute and it couldn’t have been better! We decided on Rio because our close friend raved about how great it was. We decided to visit both Rio and Salvador, the perfect marriage between turn up and tuned in. Catch more details below about where we stayed, what we did, what I wore, and where we ate!



A Brief History

Brazil is now a frequently traveled country filled with culture, music, beautiful people, and amazing scenery. We traveled from the ritzy places in Bahia to the favelas in Rio. We had a real encounter in the favelas, witnessing violence and injustice. This has been the history of Brazil as they were colonized by Portugal in 1500, hence the Portuguese language. The slave trade was very present here, similar to America.

On a lighter note you can find great food, a rich Afro Brazilian culture, and dance such as Capeoira. Love is everywhere in this country, from the couples to the details, you will fall for this country! Now onto the photos!

What I Wore


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen all my clothing photos and tags. If not check it out! I decided to highlight my favorite. I got this green romper from a DVF sample sale a few years ago. I paired it with white sandals from Forever 21 and a tan messenger bag for a chic traveler look. I would recommend to pack fashionable flats, breathable clothing, and loads of color.

What We Did in Rio


Jardin de Botanico in Rio

This amazing botonical will blow you away. Be sure to bring sunscreen SPF 50 plus and a camera!


Santa Teresa Steps in Rio

You can’t miss the steps for any reason. Full of color and life, you will find a host of tourists taking photos and appreciating all of it’s beauty.


Christ the Redeemer in Rio

Be prepared to stand in line, for a very long time. But once you see Christ, it’s all worth it!


Sugar Loaf in Rio

Ride a historic a cable car to enjoy the Rio landscape up close and personal.


Teatro Museo in Rio

We saw a ballet while there, however you can check out this historical museum and all it’s golden glory on any day.


New Years Eve in Rio in Copacabana Beach

I was literally blown away by this celebration. This is a must do on your travel list!

Pedra Du Sal in Rio

Rio is full of nightlife, much more than Salvador. This party was at the site of the slave auction and to highlight this there is a outdoor part held every Monday!

Lapa in Rio

This is the heart of Rio’s nightlife. Go to Lapa 40 for Hip Hop culture.

What We Did in Salvador


Afro Brazilian Museum in Salvador

Learn all about the Afro Brazilian Slave Trade and how they overcame and built a growing community in Salvador.

Basílica do Senhor-do-Bonfim-in-Salvador-Dyandra-Raye

Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, Salvador

This church is where you make three wishes for your future and offer photos and body parts to secure your religious sanctity.

Pelourinho in Salvador

We didn’t pull are cameras out here because it is simply not safe! The original site where music classes are offered. Michael Jackson featured a dance group on his “They Don’t Care About Us” video. This site has been preserved by Unesco.

Where We Ate


Zaza Bistro in Rio

Your can’t go wrong with anything on this menu. This quaint restaurant is full of charm and bursting with flavor.

Davessa in Salvador

Be sure to eat the moqueca, any moqueca! Its the most delicious thing that we have ever tasted.

Where We Stayed


Costa Espana in Salvador

We found both our spots on Air BnB. Our space in Salvador was breathtatking, a hidden gem with picturesque views of the ocean and all of Bahia’s oceanside glory.

Bonus Tips!

Do not expect anything to be open on New Years Day or the day after. This is like Christmas Day in the states! ATM’s will be out of money and HSBC is the only the bank that reads American cards. 

Do not venture into a favela, for any reason, unless you know a local resident personally!

Make sure you exchange your money in the airport!

Learn Portuguese, it helps! Especially I am sorry a.k.a “Desculpa”

Don’t take any flights with more than one layover in Brazil or expect to repeatedly check your bags!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next adventure 🙂