All Leather Look – From Head to Toe


Leather is a fabric that you can pretty much wear up until the scorching heat of summer. Vegan leather is especially light and can be worn in mid 70 degree weather. My last days of leather are coming up, so I decided to go all out in a full leather look composed of shorts and a tee. Read more deets after the break!


This vegan leather look came together by accident. I purchased these shorts back in November of last year for Homecoming. When I bought them I had no intentions of wearing them in the warmer season. A few months later I spotted this vegan leather top and voila, a leather set was born. These pieces look great both together and broken apart. Since they are both short sleeves and shorts, both can transition well and be worn on those cooler spring/summer days.

1- Vegan Leather Top (Sold out, similar version listed), 2- Vegan Leather Shorts

3- L.A.M.B. Fiona Heels, 4- Marbled Collar Necklace

Photography by Tanisha Jones