Abu Dhabi/Dubai – Travel Guide

I just returned from one of the most amazing trips ever, as we slept under the stars in Abu Dhabi and explored the Miracle Garden in Dubai. Just a few months ago a good friend of mine called me frantically about an Etihad deal to Abu Dhabi. This by far was one of the most spontaneous yet awesome purchases leading to an unbelievable trip. Catch more details below about where we stayed, what we did and of course what I wore 🙂


A Brief History

So you can’t go anywhere without knowing anything about the culture. I read about both cities before we traveled however excursions in the city help you learn things first hand. A friend set up an inexpensive Bus Tour in Dubai, teaching us all about the intriguing and brief 60 year history. Dubai was the vision of Sheikh Zayed and has quickly taken many world records for the tallest buildings, largest mall in the world and an island of homes shaped in the view of the world.

Abu Dhabi is like Dubai’s little sister. Its opulence is currently being built as they are creating a Louvre Abu Dhabi and New York University sets up shop. Abu Dhabi is home of the most breath taking mosque, in my opinion, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Notice all the homage to the create of the UAE. The UAE stands for the United Arab Emirates and has 7 sheikhdoms, including Abu Dhabi the capitol and Dubai. Enough of the history lesson, onto the photos 🙂

What I Wore


1- Forever 21 Love 21 Top (In Stores Only), 2- Forever 21 Linen Blend Pants, 3- HM Sunglasses (In Stores Only)

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two conservative cities so I had to be mindful of what I wore as to respect the culture. Silk shirts, linen pants and maxi dresses solved this problem.


1- Forever 21 Faux Leather Espadrille Sandals

It may seem as if I got a lot of my pieces from Forever 21, and I did! Its a great one stop shop that has multiple vacation sections for fast fashion clothing. These espadrilles fit right into the scene and were as comfortable as they are cute.


1 – HM Silk Blend Dress

I think gold is a neutral color so there was no leaving this dress behind when I spotted it in H&M. The fit and length were perfect for the culture while the bold gold color screams “Dubai.” The entire city boasts opulence, attention to detail and luxury.


1- HM White Dress (Only sold in stores)

We had the pleasure of eating at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. So it was no way that we weren’t going all out. My white HM dress was just perfect, chic and sophisticated.

What We Did in Abu Dhabi

Sand Dunning

We hit the Sand Dunnes while on a Overnight Safari Tour. We had the opportunity to ride a camel, get traditional henna tattoos, play with a Hawk and of course sleep under the stars! You can find more photos @DyandraRaye on Facebook and Instagram

Private Boat Tour on Yas Island

Yas Island is the water front mecca in Abu Dhabi. Stop here for private and public boat tours as well as a variety of restaurants and chic clubs.


The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

There is no way you can go to Abu Dhabi without visiting the Grand Mosque. You have to wear traditional garb so either bring your own or rent clothing for free. This is a holy experience that is worth the lines and wait.

What We Did in Abu Dhabi

The Burj Al Arab

We ate and played at the Burj Al Arab, the building to the far left. It may not look like much here but this is the world’s first 7 star hotel, boasting $250 drinks and $500 high tea. Celebrities and travel enthusiasts alike travel and dine here for world class experiences!


Miracle Garden

The Miracle Garden in Dubai is everything that Alice and Wonderland would be in real life. Locals and tourists flock here to get a glimpse of the whimsical statues, floral decorations and the Butterfly Gardens!

The Dancing Fountains

These world famous fountains are located in the Dubai Mall right in front of the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa. This is a sight to see and a must do!

Where We Stayed in Abu Dhabi

Southern Sun Hotel

This 4 star hotel boasts low rates of $125 per night and high class service. Smoke shisha on the pool deck and enjoy the Abu Dhabi sky!



Sofitel Abu Dhabi

The Sofitel is a luxury hotel chain known for its high standards and consistent service. A little pricier then the Southern Sun but worth the $40 per night increase.



Where We Stayed in Dubai

Air BnB Rimal 2

We used Air BnB to book an amazing condo on JBR Beachwalk. This area is prime in Dubai and is next to all the main attractions and across the street from the sand!


Cheers to the the next adventure! I hope that you can use my excursion as a guide for your world travels. To travel is to live! – Dyandra